An Anti-corruption Assessment of the Legislation – a Report on the Energy Law

The main conclusions in terms of the anti-corruption screening of the Energy Law and the related bylaws relate specifically to the broad competences of the executive government and the Regulatory Commission, which, by using bylaws, are competent to regulate in greater detail the authorization procedures for construction of energy power plants, the granting of the status of preferential producer from renewable energy sources, as well as the support measures that these producers are entitled to, their duration, type and scale.

An additional risk that compounds the issue is precisely the dispersion of a number of related provisions throughout the related regulations, including 3 laws and tens of bylaws, including a Government decree and a plethora of rulebooks issued by the line ministries and the Regulatory Commission.

In this context, it is important to make efforts in order to ensure that all regulations that pertain to energy are appropriately codified in a single act, or that the separate provisions are sectioned and grouped suitably into several different laws.

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