Report on the Law on Takeover of Administrative Officers employed through the K5 Program

The law in question aims at redistributing the unallocated administrative officers from the Ministry of Political System and Inter-Community Relations, employed through the Program for Adequate and Fair Representation, the K-5 Program, in the bodies of the state and local authority and other state bodies established in line with the Constitution and in line with the law, and in institutions that carry out activities in the fields of education, science, health, culture, labor, social protection and protection of children, sports, as well as in other activities that are of public interest as regulated by law, and organized as agencies, funds and public enterprises established by the Republic of North Macedonia or its municipalities, the city of Skopje, as well as by the municipalities of the city of Skopje.

The methodology of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, for anti-corruption screening of the legislation, the comparative analysis and methodology of the Regional Cooperation Council of Southeast Europe, as well as the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative were used for the needs of the analysis.

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